The three biggest pieces of health advice given for hemorrhoid sufferers is using biodegradable wet wipes to keep clean, changing your body position to make pooping easier, and drinking more water to help elimination.

It just so happens that there are “Shark Tank” products that were invented to help people with all three of these tasks.
If you’re familiar with the “Shark Tank” TV show, you know that the investors on the show look for the unique and the innovative that aim to help people through their merchandise.

Here are the three best products they’ve featured on their show that can help you treat and prevent hemorrhoids.

Problem #1 – Finding biodegradable wet wipes to use

While healing from hemorrhoids, doctors suggest using wet wipes instead of dry toilet tissue, to encourage gentle handling of the anal or perineum when going to pee or poop. (Link to previous “wet wipes” blog post.) However, some wipes aren’t flush-able, and can contain a scent that may not be to that person’s liking. Also, most other non-medicated wipes are marketed towards women, when anal issues afflict both women and men almost equally.

To solve this problem, in comes inventor Sean Riley and his three other college buddies, who came up with the concept of “Dude Wipes” (link to news article) to combat the smelly excesses of college life for dudes. Marketed specifically to men (but can be used by anyone), these non-scented flush-able wipes help safely clean the genital areas and ease the “go time” for dudes.

Problem #2 – Change your body position to poop

The most common way we go to the bathroom in the United States is sitting on a ceramic flush toilet. However, the sitting position doesn’t fully position the large colon to let waste pass through the body without going around a bend. That’s why pushing or straining can sometimes be necessary to get rid of body waste

In most other countries, the way people go to the bathroom is squatting over a squat toilet. Kneeling to poop is the original way humans are supposed to move and have bowel movements.

Squatting makes it anatomically easier to “squat” without strain, as Bobby Edwards and his mother, Judy, discovered in 2011. Judy’s doctor suggested making going to the bathroom easier by using a stool under her feet. After some experimentation with book stacks, then a wooden prototype, the family came up with what they now call the “Squatty Potty.”

Several years later, and a successful partnership with a Shark (Lori Grenier) with prime placement in Bed Bath & Beyond, and their company is now projected to sell $100 Million worth of Squatty Potties. Their sitting device makes it easier for people who use flush toilets to “assume the position” properly, thereby easing elimination and speeding up bathroom time.

Problem #3 – Drinking enough water

To process fiber and help flush toxins out of the body, nothing is better than clean water. And the most environmentally friendly way to drink water is from a reusable water bottle.

However, the drawback to most water bottles are having to clean the bottle, to keep bacteria at bay. Frequently, it’s difficult to get to the bottom of the bottle to sanitize and clean the bottle, so eventually you have to recycle it for your own health.

Then a guy name Dave Mayer came up with the idea of creating a water bottle that would be easier to keep clean and healthy, so that he could drink water without worrying about any residual bacteria at the bottom of his bottle. “Clean Bottle” (news article link) was born! With removable tops and bottoms, and dishwasher-safe materials, he impressed the Sharks with the innovative idea, and provided better way to stay hydrated.

Now you have a cleaner option to drink more water to keep your body, and your bottom, healthier.

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